Bedrock Room

I’m calling this: “The Room the Flinstones Built”…

Every time I see this room, I just smile and think of Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney of the Flinstones… 🙂 What is your first thought when you look at this interior design? It’s “What Do You Think Wednesday”; share your thoughts and smile 🙂


Please leave your comment above the “What Do You Think Wednesday” banner; where it says “Leave A Comment” in orange and on our Pinterest page in the Huh?!? section.



5 thoughts on “Bedrock Room

    • I thought I hit the reply button to you, but instead wrote a totally new comment below that was meant for you! LOL Thanks for sharing, great “Bond” reference!


  1. I didn’t think of that. I love to hear others thoughts and would love to also hear from the designer to ask what the client wanted if this is not their space. It’s a very interesting space and thanks for letting me know what you think this Wednesday!


  2. ahhh, thanks for the Flintstones memories. I thought that too… and what fun ! I love to see someone thinking outside the box. It may not be everyones style, but it is the style of one person…and it made them happy. Gotta love that !
    Can’t wait to talk this week. See you on twitter !
    Lynne xx

    • Same here Lynne! Don’t you just love Twitter?!? I have to force myself off at times LOL!

      P.S. That little boy in green on the home page of your site, just cracks me up. I wouldn’t want to run across him in a dark alley LOL 🙂 Enjoy your Monday!

      P.P.S I like to see these out of the box styles too! That’s why I made a special section for it and I tried to word it very respectfully, saying that even though it may not be to my particular tastes, others may like it and they’re definitely eye catching and fund to look at!


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