Lon’s Designs is where interior designers from around the world can come for inspiration and information. We’ll post some of our favorite interior designs as well as list interior design events going on world wide.  We believe that: “Interior Design Is Art!” If you agree please follow this blog and join our Free Newsletter list here; and don’t forget to follow our Pinterest page!

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Lon, is a busy Entrepreneur in the business realm and the owner of Lons_Designs. She’s an interior design enthusiast and has been a connoisseur of design concepts for many years. However, Lon considers herself a maverick when it comes to certain design concepts: “You don’t need a running theme or the same color throughout the entire house. I firmly believe every room in your home should speak to the way you want to feel, when you’re utilizing the  space. It is your castle after all.”  she states.

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Lon – lons.designs@gmail.com 

Lons_Mod Living Room

My mod Living Room (sans my wall art and other decor) – We were moving 🙂


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