Thrilled About This Open Living Area!

I don’t typically like open spaces. I like my kitchen separate from the family area, so the family can enjoy the space unencumbered by the activity/noise, smells and sometimes messes that go on in my kitchen.

However, this space really caught my eye, even though it combines 3 spaces: kitchen, dining and family room. This open space would be perfect for a growing family. What’s more, it totally captures my desire to have appealing design AND comfort in a living area. What do you think about this design? 


Bedrock Room

I’m calling this: “The Room the Flinstones Built”…

Every time I see this room, I just smile and think of Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney of the Flinstones… 🙂 What is your first thought when you look at this interior design? It’s “What Do You Think Wednesday”; share your thoughts and smile 🙂


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Comic Book Living Room

I’d love to speak to the designer of this room…

I’d love to speak to the designer of this room to find out if it’s for a comic book enthusiast, child/teen or what?! I understand that just because I don’t get it, doesn’t mean others won’t like it. What do you think?


What do you think about this design? Please leave a comment above the “What?! Wednesday” banner; where it says “Leave A Comment” in orange and on our Pinterest page in the Huh?!? section.


Living Room Makeover via “House Beautiful”!

It’s our 1st Official Makeover Monday! 

This Interior Design Makeover comes from:

“House Beautiful”

 Click on the Images to Enlarge:



I love the additional natural light that the extra window brings into this space. While the style is not mine; I love the bold use of Green in this Makeover, which really makes the room Pop! What do you like about this makeover? Please leave a comment
I will bring you a new Before and After “Makeover” every Monday. I’m officially naming it: Makeover Monday! ~ Lon

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Lons_Designs_Mod Living Room (sans wall art/decor)

Lons_Designs_Mod Living Room (sans wall art/decor)